About Us

Guild History and Mission Statement

Apathy, originally a 10 man, now a 20 man World of Warcraft Guild on the EU Silvermoon server.

The guild was established 6 years ago by founder Mavz, and co-founder Nezek.  The guild was created on the basis of being a 2 day raiding guild, and has never lost this ideology. This guild has been tailored for great players that simply do not have time to raid end game content at world class competitive time requirements any more, we understand real life commitments and have provided a haven for people just like us, ex hardcore raiders of top quality guilds who still want to enjoy the game.

We offer a stable guild with a strong leadership which renders us unfoldable.  The officers and leadership are an extremely tight-nit coalition of long term friends. Raiding with Apathy is a beacon of hope some have said, our raids although not always perfect, are organised, on time and mature in a fun and friendly environment.

Apathy has a common goal which it shares with all it’s officers, members, trials and potential applicants, our goal is to clear current content at a competitive rate whilst maintaining a stable, fun and positive no-drama raiding environment.